renee granillo

Produce 200+ infographics about literary classics in one year. AKA: Visual Cliff Notes

Course Hero 

course hero

create a system of "visual cliff notes" for course hero, an online learning platform for students. they must increase brand engagement and drive traffic.



In the beginning, we needed to create fifteen infographics for popular literary classics like The Great Gatsby and 1984. If all went well, we would be creating upwards of 200 graphics within the year. We proved ourselves and "After the success of the first 200, Course Hero was back with an even bigger request: They wanted 400 additional literature infographics in 14 months." (Column Five case study)



Art Direction
Strategy & planning

 Two pages from the 30+ page style guide I wrote and designed

With hundreds of graphics on the horizon, I needed to set a style that would be systematic and easily understood, but allow for unique variation within. The pages above show the rules and philosophy behind the architecture.  Below, are early drafts of exploration.

 Headers I designed

When working with other designers (both internal and freelance), my producer and I were responsible for sketching ideas for the header and the "hero" graphic. We were also in charge of training our in-house team how to maintain the project's style and tone. There were twenty graphics in various stages per week.

Below are some of my favorite infographics that other designers created. 


Course Hero's Pinterest page that houses all the infographics gained over 8,000 followers since our project began. It is also responsible for driving 40% of traffic to the sites study guides and other study material. Column Five continues to create hundreds of graphics towards the project, growing Course Hero's library of study material.

Below is a photo of me and my very perseverant team celebrating our 200th graphic with a print out of all the graphics.


credits, thank yous, + shoutouts

Sara Barbour: Producer
Jeremy Fetters: Account Director
Thank you C5CA Design, especially Brigitte La