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course hero

create a system of "visual cliff notes" for course hero, an online learning platform for students. they must increase brand engagement and drive traffic.



In the beginning, we were asked to create a set of 15 infographics for popular literary classics as a supplement to their online study guides. If all went well, we would do many more. Today, Column Five has wrapped up over 400 graphics using the same foundational thinking and design systems my producer and I designed for the first set.



Art Direction
Strategy and planning


We wrote a 35+ page document that describes rules, philosophy, and best practices for designing consistently within the visual language. We provided our team of 20+ designers and freelancers two customizable Illustrator templates and icon sets.


The headers were my favorite part of the graphic. It was a fun challenge distilling an entire novel to a single image. Here are some that I designed or art directed.


credits, thank yous, + shoutouts

Sara Barbour: Producer
Jeremy Fetters: Account Director
Thank you C5CA Design, especially Brigitte La
Wyatt Carroll: Designer for The Stranger seen in image above