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I Am Networthy

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i am net worthy

i designed a book—inside and out—print and digital.



I am Net Worthy: The Financial master Plan for Millennials needed to be designed through and through. The print book would be just shy of 300 pages with diagrams, illustrations, photography, and a ton of type. Each chapter was separated and made into 9 separate ebooks. Today, they are both available for purchase and download!



Cover design, illustration, type setting, art direction, minor editing cuz I’m a grammar nerd

Wow, wow, wow! Even though I’ve had a front row seat to everything that’s gone on up to this point, seeing EVERYTHING coming together like this, all at one, PLUS all the colorization and the multitude of critical layout decisions is just an “overwhelmed with joy” type of feeling. It’s hard to describe, but I’ve been at this for many months, and throughout the the process I’ve constantly visualized what the end product might finally look like. So now, to literally see it - looking way, WAY better than even my most hopeful visualizations - oh my, it’s a happy day!
— Chris Smith, Author


The goal for the covers was to visually turn financial management into easy, digestible habits in our daily lives. I illustrated each of these big ideas from a top-down views of objects we encounter every day, borrowing from the perspective of so many social media posts we post a day. This needed to feel just as doable, just as familiar.