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rebrand as the intelligent, adventurous, and trail-blazing company they are.

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I started working as the sole visual designer for Colony in May 2018. I was responsible for rebranding them from the ground up with a new visual identity that would boldly stand out in an otherwise homogenous visual environment in the crypto space. The work is still in progress with a new website underway. Along the way, Colony has sponsored developer events all over the world for which I developed a bunch of fun print and swag for.








Blockchain and the entire crypto world can difficult to understand. A set of visually consistent icons help represent abstract concepts like “reputation mining” or “authority distribution”. These icons are flat, simple geometric shapes, complimenting the flat, geometric logo. They are nothing too fancy—nothing to distract from the content itself.



Though the website is under construction, the blog is a perfect place to test and express the visual identity. The brand must be bold, intelligent, practical, and clever.

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The posters I designed for EthBerlin were such a hit, developers were taking them home as swag and decorating their shared working spaces with them. Some posters included a cryptic puzzle for developers to solve and unlock some cryptocurrency!

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Our “swag game” was consistently the talk of the town at events, giving me the unique opportunity to connect directly with our audience. I created stickers, shirts, buttons, inspired by the location of the event. Berlin was more rigid, Portland was all about that “hand-crafted artisanal” vibe, and Prague, more spooky.

As always, brilliantly designed stickers & t-shirts by @joincolony
— Theodor Beutel, Blockchain adoption & DAO researcher
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