renee granillo

Host and design an exhibit that will appeal to art students and the local community

An collaborative installation between Column Five and Laguna College of Art and Design.


host and design the first exhibition in a new gallery space that will appeal to art students and the local community... in one month.



I wanted the topic to be personal and universal. The anxiety and fear around failure felt palpable given the deadline and being a recent graduate myself. With the help of talented coworkers, the exhibition would include seven unique installations exploring the relationship between failure and creative success.



- Art Direction
- Writing (for some)
- Design (for some)



The Power of Persistence

This installation illustrates the contrast between rejection and success. The number of X's on each folded out page represents rejections from publishers while the stacks above represent copies sold. It also tests the strength of Ikea shelves.

Fun fact: Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected 140 times, but has sold 125 million copies
Couldn’t stop smiling when I left “Fear of Failure and Creative Success” after coming across it in my travels. Guess if the manuscript for “Chicken Soup for the Soul” got rejected 140 times before it saw the light of day, I can keep going on a project in which I believe. Thank you for the encouragement!
— An attendee
A shot from opening night


This data visualization shows the number of unsuccessful projects on Kickstarter. The projects break down by industry, percent of failure, and number of current failed projects. 


Visual Storytelling

This mixed media installation is where we really had fun, exploring all the pains of doing something creative, which we were all simultaneously experiencing. It is truly my sketchbook come to life. 


Positively Failing

This sculptural installation shows how different regions view the concept of failure. The pencils' erasers serve as a visual metaphor for a region's acceptance of failure. 

Fun fact: On opening night, some attendees found the results of this survey controversial, if not un-American

Are You Afraid to Fail?

This interactive quiz invited users to explore their own opinion on failure like a personality quiz. We used gifs, metaphors, and unexpected questions to determine the outcomes.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 10.50.22 PM.png

We Fuck Up Too

We all introduced ourselves to the audience by answering two prompts related to failure: How do you cope with failure? and What is your biggest creative fear?


Working on this exhibition was one of the most rewarding and challenging projects I've ever attempted.  It gave me the opportunity to write, build, and design something I'm proud of alongside talented friends who made it possible (all within one month). 

Celebrating the opening with my old school mates

credits, thank yous, + shoutouts

Remo Bang: Illustrator, carpenter, papercrafter
Nate Butler: Creative Director
Alina Makhnovetsky: Producer
Chad Giacopelli: Developer
Andrew Effendy: Designer
Catharin Eure: LCAD Graphic Design Chair
Andrea McGee Harris: Gallery Director
Xun Chi: Photographer
LCAD students: Moral support and enthusiasm