Collaborate with Girls Inc. of Orange County

Girls Inc.


Concept + Execution

I told my boss I wanted to create a collaborative experience with Girls Inc. of Orange County that would result in a marketable project for Column Five and and promote a healthy relationship with a non-project during Women's Month. But really, I just wanted an excuse to work with my best friend who worked at Girls Inc.. Together, we came up with The Popcorn Project, a fun way to tackle personal goals with friends and post-it notes. 

We invited teen girls from the Teen Leadership Council into our office to test out and refine The Popcorn Project. Below is an explainer video a designer put together to quickly describe the process. It was later scrapped and a text-less version was used in the HTML site. 


My Responsibilities

  • Concept, Art Direction
  • Strategy, Planning
  • Branding, web design



  • Remo Bang: Animation, Video
  • Jenny Famularcano: Calligraphy

I would be responsible for defining the look of The Popcorn Project. I wanted it to be playful, dynamic, and a little messy. I put together a mood board, taking inspiration from 9 squares tumblr, Bando, popcorn, and posters with scribbled handwritten typography. 


Gifs seemed to be the natural way to explain each step of the process. I wanted each to feel as natural and human as possible. The first set uses rough black lines to mimic handwritten scribbles, little notes someone would jot down. The second set are much more colorful. My teammate was toying around with rotoscoping techniques at the time so we filmed our hands performing each step and animated from there. 

Our two teams gathering around our post-its, discussing some of the results

Our two teams gathering around our post-its, discussing some of the results

My team preparing for the night with post-its

My team preparing for the night with post-its

This was such a great experience for our girls. Not only did they get to meet and interact with the wonderful staff at Column Five, they were treated to this experience that really distills what the Teen Leadership Council is all about — making change personally and in your community through steps both small and large.
— Beth Payne, STEM Coordinator Girls Inc.