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Create the coolest Star Wars infographic in the galaxy...

The Daily Dot Star Wars Infographic

The daily dot

Create a beautiful star wars inspired travel flowchart that will appeal to a broad audience. 

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"Which Planet Should You Travel To?" I wrote and designed the flowchart itself, illustrated each city, and got the entire design department excited to donate illustrations of their favorite vehicles, creatures, and characters.



Flowchart architecture
Design lead/illustration
Star Wars expertise


Above is a look at the process from content organization to wireframe to illustration. When I needed a break from dissecting the content, I played with character design.


We used an isometric view for the flowchart illustration while a flat style would be used for the destinations.

Reviewed the whole thing. It’s amazing! The humor in some of these steps is really spot-on. You guys are either super nerdy or you really did your homework.
— Eric Geller, The Daily Dot
Thanks Eric, Renee (the designer) is a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd, and she really was the mastermind behind this whole thing. I mean, she teared up while watching the release of the Force Awakens trailer.
— Travis Keith, Column Five Account Director

The final came to 42in wide. Maybe I'll print it, someday.


Credits, thank yous, and shoutouts

Nate Butler: Art Direction
Travis Keith: Account Director
Column Five Design