Create the coolest Star Wars infographic in the galaxy...

The Daily Dot Star Wars Infographic


Concept + Execution

The Daily Dot asked us to create an infographic to increase site traffic, social shares, and time on the site by piggy-backing off the excitement of the upcoming The Force Awakens. The concept was a travel flowchart determining "Which Planet Should You Travel To?". We had two criteria: Appeal to a broad audience and make it pretty. The account director on the project was excited about the project, but didn't know enough about Star Wars so he turned it over to me, a hardcore Star Wars nerd since childhood. I wrote and designed the flowchart itself, illustrated each city, and got the entire design department excited to donate illustrations of their favorite vehicles, creatures, and characters.



  • Writing
  • Design lead/Illustration
  • Star Wars Expertise



  • C5CA Design Team 

The Daily Dot gave us free reign to do what we thought best, which is a designers' dream and a rare occurance at an agency. I started by reverse engineering the flowchart identifying each planets' key differentiator. Jakku was a desert, but more hostile than Tatooine, Hoth is the go-to snow-planet until you learn about Ilum. From there, I made a rough wireframe. It was a good start until my Art Director suggested I make it 3 times bigger, which I did that night. When I needed a break from dissecting the content, I played with character design.


My Art Director advised we go with an isometric view for the flowchart illustration. The flat style wouldn't go to waste though. I used that approach to illustrate the nine destinations.

Reviewed the whole thing. It’s amazing! The humor in some of these steps is really spot-on. You guys are either super nerdy or you really did your homework.
— Eric Geller, The Daily Dot
Thanks Eric, Renee (the designer) is a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd, and she really was the mastermind behind this whole thing. I mean, she teared up while watching the release of the Force Awakens trailer.
— Travis Keith, Column Five Account Director

The final came to 42in wide. I'm sure someday I'll print it. 


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