I am currently freelancing!


Director of Design 5.20.2016

 Art Director 11.17.2014

Jr. Art Director 2.24.2014

 Designer 9.9.2013



Column Five

I started as a designer, working on infographics, marketing materials, art for motion graphics, and interactives. After 6 months, I asked to be promoted to a new position–Junior Art Director. In this role, I learned how to balance designing with being a leader and a better communicator. After months of training, I shed the "Jr." title and took on more and more responsibilities as a regular Art Director. I continued to work on more robust projects and helped support the growth of my team. This, I thought, was the most challenging job until my boss asked me to take over his role as Director of Design so he could become Creative Director. Being the Director of Design includes recruiting, setting monthly and yearly goals, staffing projects, being the voice of the Design department and a leader in the company. It means keeping everyone busy and happy and it's the most rewarding and backbreaking job you could ask for. 


 Designer 2013 


Caviar Content

At the time, the design department at Caviar Content was two strong–my Art Director and I. The majority of our job was putting together pitch decks and "treatments" for commercials and short films for many different directors. This is where I learned the basics of visual storytelling. How to effortlessly put together word and image to convey emotion where words failed. My favorite part of that job was sitting next to an enormous portrait of the Kenny Powers of East Bound and Down. My least favorite part was when my boss texted me a picture of the baby tiger that visited the day I decided to work from home.


 Designer 2012


The Ecology Center

Before I was working in a fancy office in L.A., I was working at a non-profit eco-education farm in the quiet city next to mine. I worked directly with the Art Director to apply his vision to marketing materials, newsletters, illustrations, posters, and signage. Working with him, and founder Evan marks taught me how good design is the face of a brand but great design is the heart. 


 Design Intern 2011


Hurley Intl.

Laguna College of Art and Design prides itself on providing their design students with hands-on working opportunities, specifically in the action sports arena. In my junior year, I was chosen to be a Hurley Intl. ICON intern. I was a production designer, prepping files for print, reformatting large scale photography into various compositions. One of my favorite tasks was making the logo for their recording studio and seeing Greg Graffin of Bad Religion hanging out in the same building I worked in.





Through all these jobs, I was freelancing. It's lead me to some challenging, and unusual projects. Some I'm truly proud of and some I've chalked up as being a "good learning experience". I've freelanced mostly as a digital illustrator but haven't shied away from print design, branding, brochures, cards, invitations, portraits, you name it.



Graduated 2012


Laguna College of Art + Design

B.F.A Graphic Design and Digital Media, Summa Cum Laude. Fun fact: I got chicken pox in my last year during my senior thesis.