renee granillo

Create an inspiring, data-driven, annual report for non-profit Krochet Kids Intl.

Krochet Kids Intl. Annual Report 2013




Concept + Execution

Krochet Kids is a non-profit apparel company that empowers women struggling with poverty in Uganda and Peru by teaching them to craft apparel and handmade goods. I wanted the report to have the same heart and tactility as the work the women were creating. We created a single-scrolling narrative that would house an interactive data visualization, a video, and thread art–all with a running thread motif.

Below is a detail of an interactive data set from the annual report. I plotted over 140 charts with embroidery thread on a wood board to create each unique chart. 


My Responsibilities

- Concept
- Design
- Data visualization
- Thread buying


Nate Butler: Art Direction

Tactile interactive data visualization of each woman's progress. Each color represents a metric over the course of the year.
The level of commitment poured into this project was so far beyond what we expected. A lot of people don’t realize this from viewing our annual report online, but many of the elements were hand threaded through card stock. The physical pieces are hanging in our offices and they are even more impressive in person!
— Kohl Crecelius CEO & Co-founder