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Dear Reader,

Working freelance has got me trying new apps and tools to stay productive. I thought I'd share my current favorites:



What I use it for:
Tracking invoices and revenue over time

This is my new sidekick. Before I found Momenteo I was typing in dates and dollar signs into Google Sheets and daydreaming I could see some analysis in chart-form. I then tried Quickbooks until I got frustrated with its complexity. Momenteo was neither too basic, nor too complex but juuuuust right. I can create invoices, manage contact information, and see it all in cards and charts. (Also their support team is great)




What I use it for:
Tracking time

This one is basic and free and that's why I've been using it for years. Before I open Illustrator, I open Toggl. There, I input the project information, client, and description and hit the play button. The timer runs and tracks everything in reports until you hit Stop. You know, like a timer. 




What I use it for: 
Lists! Tables! Organizing everything!!

I once used Google Sheets for everything: tracking invoices, saving client contacts, scheduling, collecting links, writing feedback, calculating revenue and taxes etc. Now I do all that and more, prettier and more efficiently in AirTable. And, their library of use cases is so exhaustive so you'll never run out of ways to use the app to its full potential. 

Anyway, let's keep this post was short and sweet. I hope these apps help you out (or at least put you on the path to finding the one that works best for you.) 

What do you use?