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my top 5 natural illustrators


Dear Reader,

It's Spring and I can't help but notice all the new nature around town. This got me thinking about all my favorite depictions of nature in design and illustration. Assuming you are already familiar with Rifle Paper Co. and Teagan White (who are queens of their craft), here is a shortlist of my favorite nature-based illustrators.



Crushiform's Cabins series is so beautiful. The attention to detail, lighting, and atmospheric perspective makes these look more like paintings than vectors. 

Camilla Frances

These compositions are so refreshing. Even though there is a pattern, it doesn't feel overly manufactured. It feels light-handed, effortless.

Dinara Mirtalipova

Mirdinara is a self-taught illustrator from Uzbekistan. Her Easter eggs are better than yours. And if you're in the mood for more modern folk art, check out Carson Ellis

Tea Leigh

Her delicate stick and poke tattoos feel timeless to me. They show how lines and dots can create something worth putting on your body forever.

Eyvind Earle

You know Earle's work from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. It is so iconic because it was the first time that the "background paintings had determined the direction of a Disney film". Damn! I'm not a huge Disney fan, but this is undeniably magical.


I hope you've enjoyed this short list. I leave you with a quote from a wise man,

I think it’s pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can just go outside and stand in it.
— Ron Swanson