renee granillo


Connecting Things

Dear Reader,

Back when I was the Director of Design for Column Five (and had longer hair), I spoke on a panel about Collaboration, Inclusion, and Teamwork. I found this on Youtube recently and decided to post it here.


For me, public speaking is like going Disneyland. If a friend were to ask me if I wanted to spend a ton of money on a place where hundreds of aggravated families will haul screaming toddlers through long lines to watch glossy eyed puppets sing about global unity, I would say “hell no”. But if that same friend drove me to Disneyland without asking if I wanted to go, I would buy a ticket and end up having a great time in spite of myself.

So when Josh asked me to speak on a panel about Diversity, I immediately said “Yes” before the skeptic in me started amassing visions of stuttering irrelevant ramblings to an audience who was there for the other, more accomplished designers on the panel.

But I did it and I’m grateful for the opportunity.